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About the Author and Film Producer

The founder of Yosemite Films has been in the Oakhurst area since the 1960s, having worked as a Park Ranger in Yosemite. He has been working for Universal Studios for over 20 years in different capacities. With college degrees in both Natural Sciences and Cinema, he obtained his first studio job thru his godmother, Mary Pickford, the silent movie star and founder of United Artists. He started acting at age 5, and was first published when he was 12. This is his first venture at writing a novel.

He has recently produced the horror movie “Blood Predator” which was filmed in the Bass Lake/Yosemite area.

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Robert Allen Bradford

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“Blood Predator”
The Movie!

A private jet crashes in the Sierra Mountains leaving seven survivors stranded in a torrential snowstorm. With no rescue team in sight, the group decides to search for the plane in hope of fixing the radio to call for help. But what they find instead is an alien creature that multiplies itself rapidly. The extraterrestrial beasts have barbed-like tongues and are able to pull their victims into their razor sharp teeth to shred human flesh like a ravenous garbage disposal. But the survivors won't go down without a fight!

Blood Predator

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Escape from Freedom by Robert Allen Bradford

Concentration camps in America?
With American college students?

The camps are still out there and ready for use in the future.
My new book, "Escape From Freedom," is both a mystery/thriller and suspense.
It is in the Orwellian genre of "1984."

The time is ten years in the future. Political turmoil and small wars are globally common. Plagues and famine are commonplace. Diseases are prevalent at all levels of society, especially sexually transmitted ones such as AIDS and the variations that have developed from it. Paranoia and distrust run high among people as the media spreads lies and fear. Due to our political system playing off that fear, the United States has established a total health system to a degree more invasive of human rights and more savagely enforced than could have been imagined during the plague of the middle ages.

We begin our story shortly after the passing of a Federal health-protection law. This law which provides for mandatory testing and reporting requirements, as well as penalties for infectious disease carriers and even minor dissenters of the system in addition to establishment of concentration camps and even, secretly, executions for the main spokesmen of the Resistance. These internment camps are similar to Manzanar, which was used during World War II.

RICK LARSEN, our protagonist, is just returning from Canada after scouting out a possible refuge for political dissenters who must leave the U.S. As during Vietnam, many years before, Canada is still more than willing to help those in need. Upon his arrival back home in L.A., he is warned by fellow Resistance workers, BERNIE and MARCIE, of the consequences of their efforts. Rick, left an only child after the death of his older brother, is determined to fight the system of corruption that killed him.

Rick plays piano with a ragtime group in a Hollywood club. The bartender, JEFF, a homosexual, is secretly in love with Rick and later manipulates Rick to his own advantage after becoming politically involved and used by the pro-system, Neo-Nazi, forces who will later destroy him. He is illegally working in the country, having come over from England with his family. He works for the government in return for being allowed to stay, but they keep reminding Jeff that they know he is gay and will use it against him.

After spending the night with Susan, Rick returns home to be welcomed by an over-religious mother, and father who’s the district’s Congressman, and about as politically opposite of Rick as could be.

Bernie, who heads the Resistance office, is arrested by Federal agents and taken to a concentration camp where both diseased inmates and anti-government resistance leaders are kept. When Rick learns of this, he appeals to his father to use his political connections to get Bernie out, totally unaware that his father is a strong supporter of the system that put him there.

Rick and Marcie hold a political rally in the park to solidify their stand and gain support, complete with a Pete Seeger type folk singer doing protest songs. But the rally ends abruptly with hundreds of people being massacred by a wall of machine-gun fire as they scatter. Rick and Marcie escape.

The rest of this compelling story revolves around their escape and of being hunted by vigilante forces, as Rick return to Canada to work with revolutionary forces who are trying to save America from this paranoid insanity.


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